Member Spotlight: Sala Yussuf, Minnesota DEED

Sala YussufMarch 7, 2023

Sala Yussuf works in Business & Community Development at Minnesota DEED. Contact Sala

How long have you been a member of EDAM? Over six months

What do you find valuable about belonging to EDAM?
In a short time with EDAM I have gained tremendous knowledge of economic development, more than when I was in school. One thing I love about the organization is that it's hands-on and I get to learn from diverse experts who represent all of us.  

What is something you are passionate about or a hobby you really enjoy?
I enjoy lifting weights, road trips with family and volunteering with the United Way. 

Share an interesting fact about yourself that few of your fellow EDAM members may know.
Besides me, everybody in my family speaks more than three languages.

What's the greatest advice a mentor has given you?
"If you're not worried, you need to worry. And if you're worried, you don't need to worry."

Who inspires you or who would you consider to be your hero? Why?
Both my father and mother. My father dedicated his entire life to public service and my mother's work ethic is impeccable. I do not remember a day my mother mentioned that she is tired...ever! 

What's your favorite place? If different, where is your happy place?
I would love to visit Oman and my happy place is Oromia, Ethiopia.

What was the best concert you've ever attended? What's a bucket list concert for you?
My last concert was J. Cole and my bucket list concert would have to be Sade. 

Other than your current job, what would your dream job be?
United States Ambassador to Ethiopia.

What's the most recent book you read? Would you recommend it?
Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order by Ray Dalio

What are you currently watching on Netflix or another streaming service?
I listen to podcasts and read often - no streaming.

Pop or soda? Duck, duck, gray duck or duck, duck, goose? Packers or Vikings? Crunchy or creamy? Sweet or salty?
Soda. Duck, duck, goose. Vikings. Creamy. Sweet.