Legislative Updates


Final Deadline Week - Omnibus Finance Bill Season

Lawmakers face the final deadline of the legislative calendar at the end of this week - the date by which omnibus finance bills, bills that spend money in the current biennium, must have made it out of committee and be lined up for final votes.


Lawmakers Return from Easter Break, Shift Focus to Budget Bills

Lawmakers have returned from their Easter break with a renewed focus on assembling omnibus budget bills that must pass out of committees by the third and final committee deadline of the session, April 19th.


EDAM and MAPCED Day at the Capitol, Joint Budget Targets Announced

EDAM and MAPCED Day at the Capitol took place last week with economic development professionals from across the state making their way to the Capitol to connect with lawmakers on issues of importance to both organizations.


Governor Walz Releases Supplemental Budget Recommendations

This week marks the first and second policy deadlines at the Capitol, when bills that do not spend money must have made their way through each committee with jurisdiction over the bills.


Deadline Week Approaches

The hectic pace of being a little over a week out from the combined first and second deadline, March 22, where bills must be acted upon favorably in both the House and Senate, can be felt.


Budget Update, Additional Surplus for Current Biennium

The headline from last week would be the release of the updated economic forecast. The news was cautiously optimistic in that the forecast was slightly better than expected in December.


Precinct Caucuses Tonight with an Updated Budget Forecast on Thursday

There will be a pair of non-legislative events this week that may help shape the remainder of this Session.


Lawmakers Return to St. Paul

The 2024 Legislative Session has officially commenced. Some committees hit the ground running, taking up key issues on the first day that have been percolating over the summer and fall.


2023 Legislative Session Comes to a Close

While the session did not end days early, which was the original stated goal, they did manage to adjourned with about 2 hours to spare, an exceedingly rare feat in recent history during a budget year.


Final Week of Legislative Session

We’re nearing the end of session, with the constitutional deadline for adjournment on Monday, May 22.